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Customer Comment

Debbie Swanson - Business Application Manager - G&W Electric

Klik IT! – in particular Richard – worked very hard to make our project happen, he was by our side the entire time. Even working in a different time zone, there was never a moment when he wasn’t contactable. I can honestly say he is one of the best Customer Service people I have ever worked with!

The Purge‐it! Purge and Archive Software for JD Edwards is the simplest to implement and use archiving solution for JD Edwards currently available. This is due to it being developed utilising the JD Edwards toolset and therefore the interface provides the same look and feel to the software as by provided by standard JD Edwards Applications and Batch jobs.

Klik IT’s Product Services are available to support customer’s implementation of the Purge‐it! software, they ensure the software is installed, configured, and implemented correctly.

With around 200 Purge‐it! software sales Klik IT have considerable experience in running Purge and Archive projects at many corporations around the world. Who better to help you implement Purge‐it! than Klik IT?

What's the big deal?

Why Product Services?

With any Purge-it! sale we recommend new users to take the following supporting consultancy:

  • Installation Package - Installation and configuration of Purge-it! in up to 3 environments in your JD Edwards installation
  • Purge-it! Training - Up to 15 hours product training

One of Purge‐it!’s main selling points is its ease of use, meaning that it can be implemented with minimal and in some cases no consultancy. Currently over 50% of our clients complete the software implementation themselves after Klik IT have performed the initial configuration and training.

However, some of our clients do choose to take advantage of Product Services consultancy from Klik IT as part of the product implementation. This could be because they just want a bit of advice and / or guidance; they just want someone to call on should they have any questions; they have tight deadlines; they just don’t have available inhouse resource to do the implementation; or they have never run a purge and archive project before and would rather just leave it to Klik IT’s specialists.

The choice on whether to take some extra Product Services consultancy whilst implementing Purge‐it! is purely down to client preference and the way the implementation of Purge‐it! software is to be completed.

Let us explain

What is Product Services?

Following the purchase of Purge‐it! a client manager is assigned who will oversee the software installation, training, configuration, and implementation through to first use in your Production environment.

However, running a Purge and Archive project is more than just configuring the software and running it. The project lifecycle will involve tasks such as:

  • Formulating and agreeing with your business users the archive requirement (data retention policy). This can be formal or quite informal in approach
  • Configuring the archive routines and running the process in QA
  • User sign off in QA
  • Promotion of process to Production
  • Configuring the archive routines and running the process in Production
  • User sign off in Production
  • Reporting results

Klik IT can support this process by making available Project Task lists, user questionnaires, and supporting information to run the project in its customer Knowledge Base (This is available to all Klik IT customers on maintenance).

With Klik IT Product Services we start the process with an initial meeting where timescales, resources, and responsibilities for project tasks are set and agreed. The client manager will act as your project manager to make sure that the agreed approach is implemented from the Klik IT side.

I have mentioned this to Russ already, but I will say it again. You guys have a great product. But even more important than that, great support.

Jim SmithJim SmithE1 - CNC

Ultimately every company is judged by their customers. Where they have a choice they will not continue to use you if the quality of service you provide is poor. This is why our main ambition at Klik is to ensure that all of our customers are happy and they would not hesitate to recommend us or our products.

Terry ClarkeTerry ClarkeCEO - Klik IT


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