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JD Edwards Archiving as a Service - Using Purge-it!

JD Edwards Archiving as a Service - Using Purge-it!

A fully managed JD Edwards archiving and data management service delivered by JD Edwards archiving specialists designed to extend the life of your JD Edwards system and the hardware that it is running on. Effective management of your JD Edwards data will improve your system performance which ultimately leads to improved employee performance and satisfaction levels.

  • No up-front software costs
  • Archiving is delivered using the As a Service model and therefore does not require any Capital Expenditure
  • Archiving specialists will review your data and help you to develop a meaningful data retention policy
  • No in-house knowledge acquisition, or training is required
  • Archive environment configuration is performed as part of the service
JD Edwards Archiving as a Service - Using Purge-it!
Purge-it! Product Services

Purge-it! Product Services

Klik IT’s Product Services are available to support customer’s implementation of the Purge‐it! software, they ensure the software is installed, configured, and implemented correctly. With around 200 Purge‐it! software sales Klik IT have considerable experience in running Purge and Archive projects at many corporations around the world. Who better to help you implement Purge‐it! than Klik IT?

Purge-it! Product Services
  • Installation Package - Installation and configuration of Purge-it! in up to 3 environments in your JD Edwards installation
  • Purge-it! Training - Up to 15 hours product training
  • Purge-it! Archiving Project Services
JD Edwards Development Services

JD Edwards Development Services

There are many companies that supply Consulting and Development for the JD Edwards market. However, many of these are geared to large projects such as implementations and upgrades. This makes their model not always suitable to specific client needs. If you need to develop a small report which may be just a couple of days’ work and want to fix the cost, would you go to a large consultancy and do you think you would get a dedicated quality service? It would be like going to a major house builder and engaging them to change your tap or replace your floor. And the cost would be at a premium based purely on their name and overheads. So, the next time you need some development, change your mindset, use Klik IT to deliver your requirement and not just a resource that you have to manage yourself

  • Geared towards delivering smaller projects
  • Project manager assigned for all work to ensure delivery and quality are to expectations
  • Can be Fixed Price* or Time and Materials, therefore ensuring budget is not overrun
  • All Klik resource have between 10 and 25 years’ experience in JD Edwards
  • All work is performed remotely either on Klik’s systems or on the client’s system
  • Klik have a get the job done mentality. Our focus is on delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction
  • Special introductory offer for first development at 50% reduction**
JD Edwards Development Services


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