Data management tools to help your business take control of its JD Edwards database including the Test-it! Data Copy Tool for refreshing JD Edwards test data

Manage-it! Put yourself in charge . . .

Data management tools to help your business take control of its JD Edwards database:

  • Analyse your data using intuitive dashboards
  • Forecast storage requirements for your database
  • Receive automatic alerts before problems become critical
  • Highlight & fix configuration issues
  • Mask sensitive data in your test environments
  • Select & copy data for your test environments

Your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne suite is an essential part of your business. It’s like having a team of experts at your command. And just like any team, it works better with good management.

Manage-it! is a brand new product that lets any company see what’s happening inside its JD Edwards database. It gives you a powerful dashboard interface with much more flexibility than the basic built-in options. Best of all, it works seamlessly within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. From regular housekeeping to configuring test environments, data management has just become easier than ever.

So why should you buy Manage-it!

Manage-it! helps you better understand and manage your system

Dashboard-led data analytics

Dashboard led data analytics from within your JD Edwards system

Data management tools

Tools that will help you manage your JD Edwards database

Future growth

A product with a commitment to increase functionality as our customers highlight areas where further tools would be beneficial

Dashboard-led data analysing tool

  • Understand more about the size of your database, with insights into exactly where specific data is held
  • Forecast your database storage requirements and costs
  • Anticipate how and when you need to archive with Purge-it!
Dashboard-led data analysing tool

Database Monitor

  • Receive alerts and act on them when thresholds are exceeded
  • Identify and fix database issues before they become critical
  • Check the integrity of database tables
Database Monitor

Data Copying Tool

  • Quickly create test environments
  • Copy data between tables in different sources
  • Completely or partially refresh test environments
Data Copying Tool

Data Mask

  • Ensure you are protecting sensitive data in your test environments and are GDPR compliant in this area
  • Quickly mask sensitive data in your test environments
  • Masks can be applied when refreshing test data with Manage-it!
Data Mask

At a glance

Feature Set

Manage-it! for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

  • Dashboard for data analytics
  • Database Monitor
  • Data Copying Tool

Affordable tools to help your business

  • No big software purchase
  • Low cost annual subscription
  • Continual development and future functionality to be added

at a cost you can afford

Manage-it! could be just the solution you are looking for

Manage-it! is a new product for us but it builds on the experience and expertise we have gained whilst implementing our Purge-it! Archiving software for JD Edwards. We have seen a lack of tools around data visibility and data management and manipulation which can leave customers struggling in these areas and consuming too much resource trying to understand and manage their data. Manage-it! is a low cost solution to some of your problems and a product that we intend to grow in functionality over the coming years. We love it, I hope you will too.

Terry ClarkeTerry ClarkeCEO


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