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How to Minimize Risk of a Data Breach and Address Legal Compliance | Webinar 25 May 2022

Minimize Risk of a Data Breach & Address Legal Compliance - Live Webinar!

Join us for this 30 minute Webinar on Wednesday 25 May with JDEMart

Registration is open!

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Join Klik IT at BLUEPRINT 4D Conference 2022 | Booth #513 | JD Edwards solutions

BLUEPRINT 4D...starts 6 June

BLUEPRINT 4D, the global Oracle customer event, is taking place in Las Vegas and online, starting Monday 6 June 2022.

The Klik IT team is delighted to be attending the event in person.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Archiving as a Service Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Archiving as a Service - available on demand

Terry Clarke and Claudio Aru presented this 60 minute Webinar about Archiving as a Service with JDEMart in April 2022.

The recording of the session is available now!

Listen on demand and discover the details behind the as a Service model for JD Edwards Archiving.

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JD Edwards Security and Data Retention Webinar

Webinar - Security & Data Retention - available on demand

Listen to the webinar on demand.

Holding on to data in your JD Edwards system, that you don’t need to keep, or that you should not keep, can put your organization at risk.

In this 30min webinar, we share key considerations to developing a Data Retention Policy.

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JD Edwards Archive Automation Webinar | 8 March 2022

Webinar - Archive Automation - available on demand

Thanks to everyone who attended the live Webinar on 8th March with the French, Belgian and Italian Oracle User groups.

The recording of the Archive Automation webinar is available on YouTube.

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Klik IT Insights | Newsletter | A short digest of news & updates for JD Edwards' Users

Insights Newsletter | April 2022

Welcome to Klik IT Insights. The newsletter for JD Edwards' Users.

A short digest of news and updates relating to archiving and data management.

Check out our latest edition and sign up to receive Insights directly into your inbox.

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Quest JD Edwards Week 2022 | Recordings available

JD Edwards Week 2022 - recordings available

Did you miss JD Edwards Week?
Quest members can access the session recordings on the Quest Oracle Community website.
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JD Edwards archiving examples

In our customers' words

Thanks to our JD Edwards customers for sharing their archiving and data management experiences.

Find out how JD Edwards customers have successfully overcome business challenges and see the positive impact they've experienced.

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JD Edwards Conference presentations | Dive Deep catch-up

INFOCUS Dive Deep | Access recordings of the sessions

You can access recordings of all the main Dive Deep Conference sessions.

This is your chance to listen again or catch up on those sessions that you missed!

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Purge-it! | Safe, secure, integrated archiving for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

Oracle Validated Integration for Purge-it! 5.01

September 2021 – Klik IT Ltd, a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expertise for its integration of Purge-it! 5.01

Read the full press release

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What’s new in Purge-it! Version 5

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Purge-it! Version 5 Custom Module Interface for JD Edwards (JDE)

Custom Module

Version 5.0 has seen a fundamental rewrite of the Purge-it! Custom Module interface.  By focusing on a Powerform and Dashboard approach, this latest release delivers a superior user experience that is easy to navigate but delivers powerful results.

  1. Custom Module Dashboard (New!)

A completely new addition for Version 5, the Custom Module Dashboard brings all the benefits users are familiar with from the session dashboards but with even greater functionality. 

  1. Custom Module.  Extra Selection Operands (New!)

The extra selection operands provide users with far greater opportunities to dig deeper and more precisely when interrogating their JD Edwards data from within Purge-it!

Purge-it! Version 5 Extra Operands.  Opportunities to dig deeper and more precisely when interrogating JD Edwards data from within Purge-it!

Screen shot.  Extra Selection Operands (above)

  1. Custom Module Extension Pack (Significant upgrade)

The Custom Module Extension Pack enables Purge-it! to be used for archiving projects that extend far beyond the standard JD Edwards tables.

Version 5 boasts 140 pre-defined schedules that target over 400 tables.  This means Purge-it! is now equipped to address data management challenges across even more areas in JD Edwards.

Purge-it! Version 5 Extension Pack Enhancements. 140 pre-defined schedules that target over 400 tables.  Purge-it! is now equipped to address data management challenges across even more areas in JD Edwards.

Screen shot.  Extension Pack Enhancements (above)

  1. Enhanced Dashboards

Building on the Session Dashboard concept that was first introduced in Version 4.03, Version 5 sees significant additions to the interface and a complete reorganization of the visuals.

Tabs are now used to create a much flatter user interface and to negate the time-consuming requirement to constantly switch back and forth between screens.

 Purge-it! Version 5.  Session Dashboard.  Tabs are used to create a much flatter user interface.

Screen shot.  Session Dashboard (above)

Purge-it! Version 5 Status Bar and Progress Bar. Each tab is designed to provide insightful information on the status of the archiving activity.

Screen shot.  Status Bar and Progress Information (above)

Each of the tabs is designed to provide insightful information on the status of the archiving activity.

For example:

  • Run Status now includes a progress bar so that you can quickly see the percentage of work completed and an estimated finish time.
  • Email notifications allow users to receive automated messages when an archive job is complete with the results of the job.
  1. Cancellations

Warning message boxes appear on archive jobs that are cancelled immediately.  Archive jobs with a pending future cancellation are highlighted on the Session Dashboard and there is also the ability to remove an active cancellation request (in other words, users can cancel a cancel!)

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News Snapshot...

Top additions and enhancements

  • Custom Module Dashboard (New!)
  • Custom Module – Extra Selection Operands (New!)
  • Custom Module Extension Pack (Significant upgrade...400+ Tables)
  • Enhanced Session Dashboards...Status Bar and Progress Information
  • QuickTag functionality
  • Email notifications